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Who are we ?

Invest4all is a technical commercial group, specialized in administrative, archival and financial system for private and public agencies.
for over a decade Invest4all has proven to be a key company in these domains as it has successfully absorbed the market needs and transform them into key enterprise solutions, adding its long term emperical experience in main information systems domains such as:

  1. centeralized and decentralized financial bodies

  2. huge data archiving systems and workflow management systems

Its experience span over several domains including municipal administration, treasury accounting and budgeting, insurance automation and many more.

our approach

invest4all has several technical teams specialized in different project management lifecycle aspects, from analysis up till final release and support.
we are Agile-XP oriented team whose members work hand-in-glove to assure best quality and maximum customer satisfaction.

Service and support

  1. Office support :
    By telephone, or teamviewer. at fixed hours per week.

  2. Onsite support :
    Depends on geographical location and to be agreed between the customer and the company.

  3. Web support :
    Client will be allotted a username and a password to a private zone in our website to deliver any incident and to receive support, reports and files.
    An email is allotted for support issues.
    Incident/requests calls tracking will be used to organize the supporting material.
    online video/audio support is available on fixed agreed dates

  4. Issues are dealt with according to severity scale, customer will be notified of issue progress
    Depends on geographical location and to be agreed between the customer and the company.

  5. Customization is negotiable.

benefits of Invest4all

When dealing with invest4all, we believe that there are a number of significant advantages to the Beneficiary in choosing us. They include:

  1. Experience, INVEST4ALL has conducted several medium size to large scale projects on many IS domains.

  2. Domain Experience, Our team is experienced in delivering turnkey solutions in administrative and financial fields,

  3. Conducted Risk analysis, Our considerable experience added to extensive research allows us to identify an exhaustive list system implementation and cross-agency collaboration specific risks. Knowledge of these potential risks helps us to create contingency plans and in some areas eradicate risks all together

  4. Proven methodology, Our experience helps us to incorporate sound Project Management, Risk Management, Quality Management, Software Development, Software Customization, System Implementation, and Maintenance as per Client needs into our methodology

  5. Full knowledge of EU standards and guidelines, Experience coupled with research has led us to complete knowledge of EU standards and guidelines

  6. Software, We are experienced in designing and implementing software intensive systems. Our software is independent of any underlying Operating System and Relational Database Management System providing the Client with a freedom of choice in realization

  7. Exceptionally qualified project team, We have assembled a uniquely qualified and experienced project team

  8. Strong international support, INVEST4ALL Team contain strong international backing, from field leading experts.

The composition of our team has been carefully considered to ensure that all required areas of expertise are covered. Each member of the INVEST4ALL team is proven leader in their field.